Addis Ababa City Council discusses collaboration with DSS on Addis Smart City initiative:

Sunday, July 4, 2021
A delegation of Addis Ababa City Council delegates lead by Dr Abreham Sormolo Kidane, Director General of AASTA had a discussion with DSS on 26th June 2021. DSS and AASTA has discussed various needs of the Smart City initiative.

Various solution sets offered by DSS which could directly complement AASTA has been presented during The knowledge sharing session. The discussion included Skill development & Capacity development, Citizen Services and City Administration solution, Digital Infrastructure, FinTech and Payment Tech initiatives.

Dr. Abreham and his team has appreciated the efforts. Invited DSS to Addis to further discuss and collaborate with the team to meet the needs of Addis Ababa – Smart City initiatives. It is decided to work closely in the chosen areas.