Consultacy & Outsourcing

  • Outsourcing

    Dynamic Smart Solutions offers different models to provide services to their strategic clients, understanding their requirements with cost-effective approaches and customized as per the client's requirements and their nature of business.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions provides complete managed services along with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on the measures of interest to smartly manage the clients' expectations.

    Moreover, Dynamic Smart Solutions has hundreds of professional resources that are fully dedicated to key customers. Our value-added services include periodical appraisals and assessments, customer feedback management, support of knowledge management, and secure customer and professional resources satisfaction.

  • Licenses & Permits Management System

    Dynamic Smart Solutions team of experts supports various government entities in automating their core business processes in regulations, enforcement, and management of licenses and permits that are relevant to their business domain.

    The automated processes include issuing, renewing, extending, deleting permit / licenses transactions in addition to registry of violations, fees collection, fines payment, and others. Logging and management of these operations and transactions requires robust, reliable data centric applications that characterizes huge numbers of concurrent users, dynamic and flexible business rules and workflow engines, along with advanced implementation of information security policies and procedures.

    One of Dynamic Smart Solutions key projects is the support and maintenance of Federal Traffic and Licensing System, which is a comprehensive and integrated system containing a number of key functions that serves the licensing and traffic departments across the UAE. The system helps in achieving a unified traffic database, and simplifies and saves time and efforts of individuals and business organizations.

    Another case study is the development, deployment and implementation of Prevention and Safety System for Civil Defense departments across UAE. This system covers different licenses and permits on fire and safety for buildings, offices, containers, and dangerous materials.

  • Customer Centric Transformation

    Dynamic Smart Solutions is specialized in business process re-engineering that looks at the customer service journeys and re-engineers the same towards a more simplified and optimized journey.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions helps in understanding end customers' experience and how they interact with the different government business services directly and indirectly by describing the ideal or re-engineered experience journey, towards improving cross-functional processes, reducing customer effort and cutting down the unnecessary contact points that the customer has to encounter to create a fast simple process without interruptions or complicated routines.