Security & Communications

  • Cloud Computing

    Dynamic Smart Solutions has a cloud ready infrastructure, based on open technologies,  where we offer different business models and services to our partners, local enterprises, and SMB organizations.

    Dynamic Smart Solutionss cloud and virtualization services feature world-class cloud functionality that is tailored to meet our customers' computing requirements.

    We have the capabilities to offer Software as a Service (SAAS) on our internal generic packages as well as some of the ready-made third party products like Oracle EBS or MS Exchange. Similarly, Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) can be provided to meet the customers' planned and ad-hoc computing and storage requirements.

    Our cloud design brings agility and speed to customers, enabling them to scale on demand, optimize for price and ensure high performance and business continuity. It also boosts governance and control by enhancing security, business resiliency, and delivery.

    It improves cost efficiency as well as enables enterprises to shift its IT focus from CAPEX to OPEX, capitalizing on the new economics of the cloud, and delivering almost everything as a service.


  • Data Centers

    Dynamic Smart Solutions boasts of implementing some of the Middle East’s most technologically advanced data centers with unparalleled infrastructure, high security, and a host of incomparable features. IT infrastructure, mission critical data, and business applications reside at a secure, highly available environment that offers significantly lowered downtime, and reduces overall operating costs.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions implemented one of the top certified Tier IV Enterprise-Class data centers to Abu Dhabi Police GHQ. According to the independent certification body, TÜViT, only a few data centers have previously been awarded this certification in Europe, with Abu Dhabi Police GHQ the only entity to hold the accolade within the Middle East and Africa.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions provides a core component of industry trust in IT products, systems, processes and infrastructure that covers Security room, Rack & CAC System, UPS & Battery System, Fire Prevention, Air Conditioning Equipment, Emergency Power Supply, Electrical Installations & Management System, Raised Access Flooring System, Passive Cabling, Security and Control Room.


  • Command & Control Centers

    Dynamic Smart Solutions offers cutting edge technology and expertise on building 24/7 Operation Rooms, Command and Control Centers, Crisis and Emergency Management Centers and decision-makers briefing rooms. We manage all implementations and commissioning work for the various Command and Control Centers including secure communications, IT infrastructure, Interior design, fittings, electrical, and mechanical and civil works.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions possesses a depth of experience in the integration of new technologies into the operational context of customer security master plan, providing highly optimized command and control centers that perform seamlessly with the existing infrastructure and security strategy.

    As a prime participant in the market and an experienced system integrator, Dynamic Smart Solutions undertakes a turnkey project to build Command and Control Centers in all sizes tailored to meet the Concept of Operation. We design, implement, integrate and operate fixed and mobile Command and Control Centers.

  • Call Centers

    Dynamic Smart Solutions provides the best of breed contact center solutions. We build call centers in every aspect starting from the design of the floor plan, interior design, equipment's, hardware, furniture and customized solutions to meet and personalize the customers experience with the leverage of innovative communication technologies.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions uses different call center systems from Avaya, Cisco, and Huawei based on the customers' requirements and recommendations, and integrates the overall solution with one of the main popular CRM packages to enrich the solution features and improve end customer interactions.

    We can either provide the call center as managed services having dedicated or shared multi-lingual agents, or build the complete solution on the client premises.

  • Big Data

    Dynamic Smart Solutions helps their enterprise clients to explore the values of tremendous amount of structured, unstructured, and stream data that they have by building their own data lake. Data Lake enables organizations to access huge volumes of structured/ non-structured data in high and instant velocity with no need to design and build complicated traditional data warehouses (ETL or multi-dimensional data modeling).

    Data Lake is formulated from implementing big data solution and technologies. Big data technology is composed of NoSQL database, distributed file processing, and metadata tagging integration.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions adopts big data open standards techniques and engines like Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra database, Elastic search, and others.

    Our big data solution allows customers to utilize huge information quickly and accurately, mine social media, cultivate analytics, and improve decision-making in a timely and cost-effective manner.


  • Data Integration

    Dynamic Smart Solutions capability of acquiring and deploying the right tools and strategies had a tremendous impact on our clients’ overall ability to integrate, and therefore leverage its data resources.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions invested in a high-grade data replication and integration solutions which ensured that data can be loaded, copied, transformed and distributed easily and quickly, thereby helping to achieve collaboration and consistency among the clients’ data.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions has a solid practical experience on implementation of different practices and technologies for Change Data Capture (CDC), Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) processes, data cleansing and data identification. Such practices help organizations access their heterogeneous, distributed data sources in a unified manner by building virtual and actual consolidated data warehouse.


  • Business Analytics

    Dynamic Smart Solutions recognizes the importance of analytics while most of the clients today have maturely implemented management information systems to explore all possible understanding for their legacy and current information that they have within their structure and non-structured data repositories for supporting statistics, visual relations, predictions and decision making.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions has successfully implemented different analytical projects by using IBM I2, SAS technologies and internally developed tools and systems.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions value-added services comes from proper design and modeling of the analytical database and utilization of advanced built-in features like in-memory processing that speeds up the online analytical processing and operations.

    Analytics of case management, intelligence reporting, and predictive profiling are areas of Dynamic Smart Solutions expertise where different cases have been successfully implemented.


  • Radars

    Over the past years, Dynamic Smart Solutions has provided an integrated system for fixed & portable radars also portable devices for the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police. Our solutions rely on high-tech devices that utilize laser technology in controlling the vehicles in order to reduce traffic accidents and ensure the safety of road users.